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Logo ASEF culture360



The key visual element used in the logo is a square.
The square is a metaphor for a frame. The goal of frame is often to focus the viewer’s attention upon the subject and bring a particular perspective on subject.
It essentially shows how ASEF culture360 as platform that enhances the visibility of information required to stimulate cultural engagement between Asia and Europe by providing relevant information through weekly updates on news, events, opportunities and resources.


Logo Element

Each element of the logo has a fixed size and position. The main Logo is modified Nexa Bold font and tagline in Franklin Gothic Book Font. The size of the square element must not be changed.
Logo may only be reproduced from master artwork files and must not be redrawn.


Clear Space

Leave ample space around the logo so that it stands out prominently.
Minimum space around should be100% of the height of the logo in left /right side and 50% percent on top and bottom.
With ASEF logo lockup: The space around for this should be same as above The distance between ASEF logo lock up and Culture360 should be 100% height of the font.
Clear space does not define the margins of the layout but the minimum distance from adjacent content.


Colour Palette

Primary Colour:
Use four primary colours as the main colours across the collaterals, which brings greater branding recall.
Secondary Colour:
The secondary palette can be used for other design elements and generally where the primary palette is not sufficient.


Logo Versions: Vertical Usage

Vertical Usage:
Vertical version of logo should be only used in case the horizontal logo doesn’t fit certain formats. The first preference should always be horizontal version.
Only use master artwork for all versions of the ASEF Culture360 logo.


Minimum Size: Print

Minimum size for print logo with tagline should not be less than 9.7 mm height
Minimum size for print logo without tagline should not be less than 5.5 mm height


Use of Background Colour

On white background use full colour logo only.
Single colour logo should be used only in case of high contrast colour background, dark background and stark textures.


Alternate Use

When you can’t use the full-colour logo, please use single colour white or black version. These should be used when the background image or colour is too light or cluttered to hold the colour version.

Black logo should be used only in case of black and white print.


Different Sizes for Print

Predetermined logo sizes for some everyday formats we have indicated the following logo height sizes.


Minimum Size: Digital Screens

Minimum size Minimum size for digital logo with tagline should not be less than 75 pixels
Minimum size for digital logo without tagline should not be less than 35 pixels

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